Bauxite production

Red bauxite ore exploitation is organized in two modes, being surface and underground mining.

Surface mining includes ore deposits Zagrad, Đurakov Do II and Štitovo II, while underground mining includes deposit Biočki Stan.

Production consists of a series of technological operations of ore preparation and exploitation, which is conditioned by terrain configuration and shape and size of ore bodies. All open pits are of pit quarry type reaching maximum depth of 150 m.

Underground mines have been opened at adits of Seoce 1 and Seoce 2 with total length of ca 6 km, whereas the open pit is classified as a ‘’hilly’’ type.

Physical and mechanical properties of ore and accompanying rocks, shape and position of ore bodies in space, size of ore bodies and metal content in ore were the reasons for applying the Swedish sublevel stoping methods.

Since the production has been initiated in bauxite mines by Uniprom-Metali, the total production per working units is as follows:

  • Open – pit Zagrad: 861.841 t ore and 975.842 m3 waste - rock
  • Open – pit Đurakov do II: 81.556 t ore and 402.208 m3 waste - rock
  • Pit Biočki stan: 123.534 t ore
  • TOTAL: 1.066.931t ore and 1.378.050 m 3 waste - rock

Estimated annual production in forthcoming period is 1.400.000 t of ore.