At the beginning of 2006, Rudnici Boksita Nikšić SC were privatized and the company started its business activity within EN+ Group, since when the falling trend of production has begun.

The production was completely stopped in 2012 following which the bankruptcy proceedings were initiated in November 2013.

At the moment of introducing the bankruptcy proceedings, total amount of claims against Rudnici Boksita Nikšić SC was approximately EUR 130 million.

Uniprom had bought assets of the bankrupt Budnici Boksita SC. Consequently, it had not provided any legal guarantee to the bankruptcy creditors. Purchased assets are subsequently transferred into the newly incorporated corporation Uniprom-Metali (incorporated on 13 February 2013). As the consequence of aforesaid, purchased assets are acquired free of any legal encumbrances.

Uniprom-Metali Niksic LLC is privately limited liability corporation, incorporated in accordance to laws of Montenegro, and registered in the Register of the Commercial Entities under ref. 50651476 (tax payer ID ref.02915731).