Energy system

KAP is supplied with electical energy from the grid of Montenegrin Electrical Transmission System (CGES) by three 110kV transmission lines having through-put power of approximately 220MVA respectively, of which only one is sufficient to cover the plant's needs for electricity.

The most significant electricity consumer is Smelter receiving energy through the plant supplying electricity from 110kV substation, and making 96% of total energy consumption of the plant. The remaining 4% refer to other consumers that are supplied with energy from 10/0.4kV substation of Electrical energy system of KAP.

Supervision, management and maintenance are implemented by expert services of OU Electrical Energy System, with engagement of external companies and institutions when necessary, and in line with prescribed legal standards in the field of electrical energy.

Monitoring and balancing of consumed electricity is executed as per plans and announced timetables and in accordance with contracts concluded in energy market.

Quality supply, stable delivery to consumers and rational energy consumption are the most important activities implemented in OU electrical energy system.