Anodes production

Carbon Plant produces baked anode, being its final product, which is a compact carbon block serving as electrical conductor in electrolytic pot for aluminum production in Smelter. Main raw materials are petrol coke, coal tar pitch and anode butts from smelting process. The process at the Carbon Plant consists of the following stages:

  • Preparation of green anodes by pressing homogenized coke mass, coal tar pitch and anode butts.
  • Anode baking which take place in chamber furnaces as per programmed scheme, continually in " three fires" in high temperatures to 1100 C.
  • The third stage implies anode rodding, when baked anodes connect to assemblies of aluminum rod - iron yokes.
  • Rodded anode is covered by a layer of aluminum which is protected against unnecessary air burn during first 10 days of its operation in a pot.

Consumption rate of these anode conductors in aluminum production in Smelter is 85%. Anode butts making around 15% are returned to the anode preparation facility.