Development concept - third parties investments

Investment program envisages development of Uniprom-KAP in terms of recovery and increase of primary aluminum production capacities, as well as further treatment of produced aluminum so as to obtain products with added value.

Introduction of the most up-to-date technologies, observance of the highest environmental standards and reduced electricity consumption are included by each segment of the investment program.

Investments into the primary aluminum production

The objectives of investments in primary production are recovery and increase of hot aluminum production capacities.

In the first phase which is under way, the production of hot metal in Potline B will reach the level of 60.000t/y due to electrolytic pot relining and modernization.

In the second phase it is planned to increase production level to 140.000 t-180.000t by using all available resources owned by the company, primarily by using the capacities of the bauxite mines (Uniprom-Metali) and by processing bauxite to produce alumina within the production line at Uniprom-KAP.

Therefore, one of priority projects is to restart and increase alumina production capacities within Uniprom-KAP, and to subsequently increase primary aluminum production.

Investments in capacities with added value

The business goal is to create new added value of aluminum produced by introducing technological lines for further treatment, thereby including new products into the product line.

Liquid aluminum produced in the Smelter will be used as a raw material, whereas the solid input will be purchased in the market.  

To this end, investment plan envisages restart of the plant for producing alloys in the form of small ingots, billets and rolled strip, including the full reconstruction and modernization thereof.